The Be Good Tanyas

The Be Good Tanyas grupo formado por tres mujeres canadienses Frazey Ford, Trish Klein y Sam Parton dedicado a la música country, folk, han realizado esta emocionante versión de una tristísima canción de Townes Van Zandt (Fort Worth, Texas, 7 de marzo de 1944–Nashville, 1 de enero de 1997), cantautor estadounidense de música folk y country. (Javier, 25-5-2018)


Waiting Around to Die


Sometimes I don’t know where
This dirty road is taking me
Sometimes I can’t even see the reason why
I guess I keep a-gamblin’
Lots of booze and lots of ramblin’
It’s easier than just waitin’ around to die
One time, friends, I had a ma
I even had a pa
He beat her with a belt once ‘cause she cried
She told him to take care of me
Headed down to Tennessee
It’s easier than just waitin’ around to die